Airush 141
Kitesurf, UK 05/01
The Airush wakeboard range is a direct replica of the custom boards that Jimmy Lewis develops for team riders like Elliot Leboe and Lou Wainman. They have been developing kitesurfing rockers specifically for wakeboards over the past 4 years. The boards themselves are relatively flat, with a large amount of rocker flat in the center of the board and they are constructed with carbon wrap around an Airex core. The custom boards from Maui are very delicate, handmade boards that although literally weighing only a kilo are highly susceptible to rail damage. This production version uses a great deal more reinforcement around the rails which despite adding a bit more weight makes the board far more durable. The board photographed on the test was one of the first initial production boards and as such missing it's distinctive red paint and white graphics. You can se the carbon lattice as the board came out of the mold.

On the water, the Airush is everything that a wake board should be. It has remarkable levels of grip, the rails just keep biting even when you are hopelessly overpowered and getting lifted out of the water. When the kite is low, there is more grip than most people could possibly ever use, making for some really adrenaline packed jumping. The board we tested had extremely small fins, 25 mm long, which although a little directional unstable at slow speeds were more than adequate when the board was up and going. There was a great deal of feel from this board. You can really tell how well the rail is biting, according to where you put your weight, and once you get used to it all -other tricks, like riding toeside, become a lot easier to learn.

The Airush has an extremely loose feel on your feet, with a superb amount of grip, and a perfect companion to riders who like to take a lot of power on the water.

Likes; Extreme grip and a very loose feel on your feet and a great deal of feedback to the rider.
Dislikes; Perhaps a bit too loose for people who are not used to riding small boards.

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