Airush 5'10
Kitesurf, UK 5/01
This is the smallest of all the Airush directionals designed by Jimmy Lewis in the kiting hotspot of Maui. Made in full sandwich construction they sport the distinctive tail shape as featured on Jimmy's infamous wakeboards, except here these to forks have rubber tips on them to prevent any damage, should the rider ever come into contact with them at any force. The deck is covered by an all over pad in the strap area, and the board has thick padded straps, which are extremely comfortable in bare feet. There are two main tail fins in a twinzer configuration, and two optional small FCS thruster fins on the rail.

The shaping of the board shows a classic progressive outline with very little thickness making the rails, although quite rounded in profile, very thin. The first thing you notice when you pick the board up is that despite all the trimming it's very light for its size. It has a refined but aggressive overall look.

On the water, the Airush has a very crisp feel, feeding a lot of information back to the rider on exactly what is going on. It's rail bite is very progressive, you can load hard, really angling the board as far as possible without it feeling unstable. It has a refined feel to it, and the relatively small amount of tail rocker makes it stable at speed. A board of these specifications should have more rail bite we felt however, but it would be on the expense of the easy nature of the design. Although the side fins do help it grip a little more it makes the tail fins feel a little on the large side for lighter riders. Being standard Powerex boxes it should be a simple matter to change them for something smaller, which we thought would be good idea.

The light weight and stability at speed made for some excellent jumping and width of the board meant it was still possible to change your stance for gibing without making the board freak out, which can be a problem on the really small directionals with a 3 strap configuration.

Overall a crisp and progressive feeling board that would be suitable for all riders. Easy to use and forgiving for its own size with good bite and very light weight for jumping. It is a board suitable for all styles of rider.

Likes; Construction finish, weight, ease of use and a crisp responsive feel.
Dislikes; Could have more rail bite for it's size, but it would detract from it's ease of use.

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