Starboard Airush 6'6.
German Surf/ Kite surf Issue 2/2001
The Starboard 6'6 was a colorful "Universal" among it's companions. From the length it looks like a classical freeride, but the characteristics place it in the radical section. The shape is quite small, but maybe we can not compare the length to other shapes,- due to the distinct V shaped tail. The light board is easy to control in the air, and is not much behind the smaller boards from Fanatic and RRD. On the water it gets a similar feeling as the RRD, but maybe a little more nervous and responsive, - but much easier to turn. The board is really standing out from the crowd with it's swallow tail, and besides the aggressive look the concept seems to be working well. With some power on the back foot you can transfer quite some pressure to the rails -superb for control when over powered and for jumping. Conclusion; The Starboard Airush 6.6 meets the expectations of a freeride, but still grows with the development skills of the driver.

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