Airush Halo
SBC Kiteboard, Summer

The Halo is being marketed as an advanced-rider hybrid; our tests show it to be a flat hybrid that gets juice on demand and turns on a dime. The Halo takes advantage of a super-fast response, letting you drive the kite hard to generate its own wind in light air. It's cool to be working upwind on a 10 m2 when you see 16 m2 kites barely flying. The power is apparent in the bar, but Airush has developed a clever bungee version of a fixed harness line that takes some bar pressure from the arms to the harness. If you're flying the kite by feet, you might like to remove the bungee. The trim straps give added range to the Halo and are within easy reach for smaller riders. Even with its fast steering, the Halo is balanced in the air with minimal surging when you hit a gust or lull, adding it to the list of excellent wave kites. Power-happy freeriders will find more than average boost and hangtime with Halo. If the kite gets wet, you won't have a hassle with relaunching; the Halo is quick to get airbone again. At the component end, the Halo has individual one-way valves on the struts with a release opener and a big dump valve for fast pack-up. The well-built Halo feets tough and has a number of exclusive Airush details for added durability. We're not sure if it's because of the name, but the Halo will help make you a better person, er, kiter.

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