Airush Decoy
Kitesurf "Special Test 2006", Apr-May 2006.


Decoy is positioned in the Airush range with the objective of being accessible to all, but especially on the price level.

The opinion of the team

Details: The assembly is easy, with possibility to place foam pieces according to the position of each riders footstrap placement. Airush has clearly targeted riders in the progression category with the accessibility of this very well thought out board.

The brand has excelled on the fittings: not only are the footstraps and pads proposed very comfortable, all that for a very nice price…

When you have ridden this highly polyvalent board, with high speed and manoeuvrability, you realise that progressing riders are getting a really very adapted product.

For us, it’s clearly the best with the lower investment and a maximum profitability.

Stephane comment:
"A fast and reactive board, with a high level of fitting giving a maximum of comfort : at this level of price we can say that Airush understand everything."

Christophe comment:
"The guys of Airush apply, so cunning guys! In spite of its size the Decoy gets a very good level of manoeuvrability, remaining easy even in choppy conditions, with a very high level of fitting."

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