"You could win a PKRA world title on this powerful yet rangy board."
(SBC Kiteboard No.19 Spring, 2006 Board Test Issue)

Airush Protoy

"Man, this Protoy inspires more than just one-handers. It is one of our picks for milking the most from a limited breeze if you don't want to get into a specialized light-air shape. Soft rails give great control in a breeze, resulting in a hugs usable wind range. Parallel rail outline rockets this shape upwind but limits its application in the surf. The Protoy is lively but not demanding, a trait owing to crisp flex pattern, and its unique double concave adds to its comfort. Softer rails provide enough looseness to work the chop. With one of the widest tails, the Protoy has the power to get airborne, Airush's new footbed syslem allows for stance adjustment without having to completely remove the pads, which are among the most camfortable and grippiest here."

SBC Kiteboard No.19 Spring, 2006 Board Test Issue

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