Airush Rector:
(SBC Kiteboard No.18, March 2006)

The '06 Reactor is the ultimate performance kite from Airush. With a narrower leading edge designed around Airush's new five-line kite bar (land cool spinning leash and trigger release system), the Reactor razors through its apparent wind. It sits forward in the window in flight, but it isn't one to stall the instant you dig into your rail. Upwind speed is easy, and there's more than enough power to lift you up, up, up, but the Reactor isn't a low-end grunt motor compared to similar sizes. It's a fast kite. Quick to accelerate, quick to get you where you want, nimble, agile and all those other terms that sound appealing to advanced riders who want to be even more advanced. The Reactors have an efficient dose of power that doesn't need constant trimming attention but does like to be ridden with the board on its rail.

Pro Dimitri Maramenides sets his chicken loops up with only two inches of travel, even on the 21 m2. The light bar pressure was surprisingly responsive, especially on the 21 m2.

There's no way it should've been so easy to fly and so quick to turn, but it was. Our test team was even able to do jumping Kite Loop tricks in only eight knots.

GOOD: Advanced to expert riders looking for a responsive, power-turning, fast-flying, high performance kite. The 21 m2 actually made us like big kites.

BAD: Beginners and intermediates will find this kite needs to be edged to control the power.

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