Airush X-Pact 127:

The aim of the airush test crew while developing the X-Pact was to build a board with wide spreading all-round features, to fit as many of the demands of advanced riders as possible.
The X-Pact should offer great performance potential, but should still have a uncomplicated and well-balanced driveability. Along with these widespread all-round features the X-Pact should be built very robust, so it may handle any riding styles on rough and rocky beaches thru to kickers, sliders and obstacles.
The X-pact should have an extremely high end control and should tolerate lots of power from the kite.
"How much power can a board stand and how robust can a modern kiteboard be" have been the main goals of the airush board development with the conception of the X-Pact.

Construction , features and working:

Working:Snowboard technology, PVC core with ABS rails
Pads: contoured, with light foot bed-embossing
Straps: asymmetrical, adjustable with Velcro
Handle: EVA handle
Deck/bottom: top sheet with subliminal print
Inserts: stainless steel

Technical features:
Outline: round outline
Rocker line: slightly progressive
Flex: slight flex
Concave: no, plane bottom
Tip construction: Squash tail
Edges: 9mm

Driving performance:

Planning: the X-pact plans very early with minimum kite power
Planning through gusts and lulls: very easy but the lulls are tricky due to the short length
Upwind ability: at middle winds the X-Pact goes easily upwind
Controlling: the X-Pact can be controlled easily in every situation
Driving balance: the driving of the X-pact is very comfortable, at choppy water the board gets a little bit nervous
Speed: the pace of the X-Pact is in the middle of the tested boards
Switch: the X-Pact can be turned to switch stance easily with minimal power
Carving: middle radius carves can be done very fast, at really small carves the board is slightly drifting
Fins: the fins of the X-Pact are trimmed perfect, the weight should be on the back foot, otherwise the fins could catch a little bit
Jumping ability: the X-Pact gets out of the water easily and offers a very effective pop

The X-Pact - as one of the shorter boards in the test- and stays true to the overall concept. In every situation the X-Pact shows good control and intensive track control.
Also at high speed the rider doesn't have to have an extra eye on his board. The relatively high stiffness leads too a small deduction of points for choppy water.
It offers explosive pop and loaded moves can be made easily. The X-Pact gives a very light feeling on your feet and is planning very early regardless of its small length. For riders who like board offs a lot, the X-Pact has recessed grips with grip tape which make it easier to grab the board during the flight. The edge of the X-Pact does not slide easily and offers a very good high end edging, heavier kiters can ride the board with a very powerful kite to the highest wind ranges. The X-Pact has very good all-round manners, offers a very robust and long life quality and fits for intermediates up to contest oriented pro riders.

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