Airush Lift Pro
Code Name - The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)


The Lift Pro is the flagship kite of the Airush range, a no-compromise performance kite dedicated to the experienced. Australian designer Ben Severne and his team, report that "considering the high performance of the kite, the Lift Pro is very stable at idle and well balanced above the head."


NEAL: Well, first off, in terms of power delivery, it didn't feel 3.5 m bigger than the 12 m kites. I reckon I could fly this when other riders were out on 135.
KEV: Pumping up a bigger kite than everyone else on the beach can feel quite intimidating though.
STAV: The 2004 Lift Pro files very much off the front lines. That's good news if you want a high aspect kite but don't want to feel too much grunt. It'll provide it if you want to tune it up properly, but it works with slack back lines too. It turns on a sixpence but doesn't seem to have as much fast forward motion as some of the kites.
KEV: I found it quite hard to recover in jumps. It's go back beautifully, but then was slow to bring back in.
STAV: That's to do with riding off the front lines - as a wakeboarder you're probably not used to that! A lot of the focus of the kite seems to be as its name suggests, on lift. If you like hang time and board-off manoeuvres, this kite's for you.
NEAL: Definitely a hang time kite. You should ride it lit out of your mind as well - it likes being powered up, and when it is, it's a gem. As for the handing, it's really nice and light on the bar, super responsive and almost like its got power steering - compared with the 2003 Airush range, this one handles more like a 12m kite.
STAV: I think the Lift Pro is for someone very used to handing high aspect kites, who can handle a lot of height and wants to get into space exploration. You can also use different types of boards with that kite because it won't pull you off your feet too badly.
A kite without a lot of rear line tension feels quite soft, so you can use boards with softer rails. Maybe it's not such a great waveriding kite, but shorther lines would improve this.
NEAL: I think it depends - some people just park their kite and slacken off the power when waveriding. When powered up, the kite will sit nicely at 60 degrees, and because it's soft and turns on its tips nicely it will recover well from any drops in power. Perhaps if you want an out-and-out waverider this is the wrong kite. But if you want, but give you massive jumps as you hit the ramps on the way out the back, then this is the one.


STAV: Riders should be cautious, especially if they suffer from vertigo... no seriously, too much lift too soon, can be, well, do I have to spell it out?
NEAL: As a weapon, it's more for intergalactic missions. It's an intercontinental weapon.
KEV: Take your air sickness pills!

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