AIRUSH Lift Pro 11.5M
The Airush brand is going to make a noise!!!
The Lift Pro is the experts' kite. There is only three sizes: 11.5, 15.5, 19.5.
For a smaller kite you may choose a kite from others in the range, the Lift for example.
We will be soon able to give you more about the more gentle kites in the Airush range. But now as Airush say: "prepare for a shock"!

On the sand

Brand: Airush
Range: Lift Pro
Real surface annonced: 11.5
Aspect Ratio annonced: 5.6
Wind range annonced: 12-27 knots
Bar: The bar is 55cm with rigid ends. Lines of 27m.
Design/Finish: Price: €1360 with bar and lines.
Designer's Brief: Simply push kite performance as far as it can go for the most demanding of riders. A singular mission to create a weapon for performance way in excess of anything created before. Optimize upwind ability, speed of turning, response, efficiency, wind range and lift even further. Deliver the next generation of kiteboarding performance.

On the water

Safety feature: The bar seemed to have a production failure. We need another test.
Launching: Re-launching this kite is ok, like any kite with this ratio.
Power: The Lift Pro has a soft power. Nice acceleration with good power. Doesn't pull hard and stays very light in your hands while overpowered.
Stability: The Lift Pro is very stable, at every angle in the wind window and also when you jump. The kite reacts really fast and quickly reaches the safe 12 o'clock position with minimal effort. For the best of its stability it is important to ride fast with the Lift Pro well powered. Control/General comfort: The 11.5 is really fast (no back adjustment to moderate this speed), this speed is comfortable in low wind. A certain time might be need for some riders who are used to ride slower kite to control the Lift Pro's speed. There is no reaction time between the rider and the kite, it's direct and immediate.
Hang: The hang time is surprising. The kite goes up softly, stable in the air with smooth landing. Gives high (high with a big H), control in the air, with long long jumps………
User zone: Very good push/pull, the kite goes well forward in the window giving control that gets you through the gusts. Compensated by its speed the kite handles low wind areas. Overall a great all round kite…
Summary: General description of the kite, sensation and impression: On first impression the kite gives moderate traction sensations, a fast kite allowing to compensate low wind with its speed, with good stability and immediate response from the riders steering. More wind more performance, the rider must learn to control its flying characteristics,
(at least at the beginning). It's hang time once discovered (and controlled?!) gives flying sensations, stability in the air… This kite can be held in strong wind, and a good range of wind. This kite is not for everyone and is quite tecnhical in high wind due to it's speed.
Positive points: Hang time, Big wind range
Flysurf advice: Test your jumps safely. Beginners don't go for it even if the wind range is good.
For who: Advanceds and experts
Specification conformity: the specifications from Airush are ambitious but it isn't really false!!! Avoiding medium riders would be welcome, and is recommended by Airush.

Their advice

Caro, 33, 63Kg: "First I was just able to go out when other were using 17 or 20. Another day it was really good with the 11.5 when other were using 12 and last when the other were using 10m kites I was completely overpowered but still able to hold it a bit longer! Then the sensation! And the lift!
Marco, 28, 86Kg: "The high reached with this kite is insane! Be carefull of having free space down wind! It's just hang time!"
Jerome: 30, 70kg: "I like a kite that pulls really hard, but this one does not. But it's fresh, fast and give's good lift, what I like!!"
Marc Olivier: "It was amazing, the kite is just carrying me into the air like never before.! I like its simplicity, light weight, the speed and control."

Test conditions

Wind: 10-25 knots
Boards used: TT Deska/Marek 138, TT Takoon Interstate 33, TT Sailboard Tarifa 140, Bic Airflow 142, TT Kitesurfing Tarifa 135.
Testers' weight: From 62 to 86 Kg, experts
Kites normally used by the testers: Wipika AirBlast 8.4, 10.0, 6.3, F-One Mach 1 12.1,and 15.1, Naish ARX 11.5 and 7.5

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