(SPLASH Kiteboarding, UK - April 2003)
Aspect Ratio: Low Variable
Sizes: 3 . 5 . 7 . 9 . 12
Type: 4 line
User Suitability: Beginner/intermediate
Construction: Sturdy, simple but well made
Control Bar: Re-Ride Safety System

Whilst the principal focus for most manufacturers has been on performance-oriented kites, a few companies have realised that user-friendly starter products are the way forward to encourage fresh new blood into our sport. Airush have been one such company, and really excelled in this area of the market. The principal designer Ben Serverne has thrown caution to the wind and produced a 3-strut kite that really is stable; a cinch to fly but performing to a level way beyond that of a pure beginner kite - and it's not heavy on the bank balance either. The beauty of the 3-strut system from a lazy man's point of view, is of course that there's less of the inflating and deflating to do! Everything about this product has been well thought out and it water re-launches so easily that putting this kite in the water is simply not a problem.

The standard bar supplied is a fixed 4 line system that can be converted to the ride and slide chicken loop system.

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