(SPLASH Kiteboarding, UK - April 2003)
Aspect Ratio: High Variable
Sizes: 11.5 . 15.5 . 19.5
Type: 4 line dedicated
User Suitability: Experienced/Pro
Construction: Excellent with multiple line attachment points
Control Bar: Re-Ride Safety System

The Lift Pro is more than a step on from the 2002 Lift. It's superefficient, generating huge vertical lift in the jumps whilst remaining light in the hands and easy to control with a short control bar. Our test riders were very impressed with the quick response to speed of input time and how easy it was to get the kite to the edge of the wind window. On the water, cruising speed was fast. Airush claim that the Lift Pro boosts in excess of 50% higher jumps than the previous years' Lifts. From our findings there would be no reason to disbelieve this claim whatsoever.

The construction is solid and well put together, but the materials are lightweight throughout, as required to acheive the super-high aerodynamic lift to weight ratio. The kite therefore is not designed to take continual crashihg - it's very much targeted towards the upper end of the rider market.

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