Starboard Airush 5'10
Small, Light and Responsive
The Starboard 5'10 is the smallest in the family, and consequently no all rounder. Somehow this little board got smuggled into our luggage without an "official test ticket" - but certainly without regrets. Regardless if rigged with a Naish 15.5 or a Wipika 6.3, this little baby impressed us with it's superb handling, enormous speed and good control in the air. The extreme low board weight made airborne maneuvers effortless. Still it feels loose, yet responsive and super fast in the water. With pressure on the back foot it is easy to reduce speed, but even powered up control is easy. Does this come from the nice swallow tail.? No idea, but it looks like an important design feature. But again, this is definitely not a board for beginners. You should feel comfortable on the 6'6 before stepping onto this wild water baby. Instinctive foot work is essential in jibes. From shoe size 36 and up you will have to curl your toes a bit to get a good grip on the deck. The board get somewhat nervous in sharp turns, and it is important to keep up the momentum throughout the entire jibe, or else you will find yourself in "the drink" pretty quickly. The low volume in combination with a short planing surface requires tight ropes. The catch is; forget cruising home if the wind drops. Conclusion; The late entry - Starboard 5'10 was a bonus to our test, and the real cream of the cake in a group of good allrounder's. An extremely sporty, lively, jump friendly board for advanced surfers in steady wind conditions.

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