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The Reactor is not for everyone. Not everyone wants a kite the turns on a dime and reaches warp speed when blasting through the window. If you enjoy the idea of a nice relaxing session, scroll back a few pages.

Developed with super efficient entry angles and aerodynamic foil profiles, it's all about forward speed and dynamic efficiency. The Reactor has lightning reactions to wind conditions and even faster turning speeds.

A radical new approach to wingtip/span ratio has allowed us to increase the turning speed, while at the same time increasing stability and smoothness.

Another step forward has been to reduce the strut diameter in order to reduce drag on the canopy. To improve the skin stability on the larger sizes, the Reactor features additional struts on the 12 - 21. Ultimately, this increases the total profile stability toward the wingtip area, which in turn reduces the pressure on the rider's arms when turning. This results in improved rider comfort and, ultimately, balance and response.

The Reactor suits advanced riders who prefer the distinctive turning speed and instant power delivery. Used by Wave Guru Felix Pivec for his top-to-bottom wave riding.
WARNING -- The Reactor is extremely sensitive to rider input. For expert use only.

Size : 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 7, 4


Tech Features :

  • A radical new approach to wingtip/span ratio has allowed us to increase the turning speed, stability, and smoothness of the Reactor.
  • Increased canopy struts in the 12 - 21 with reduced diameter. This increases the total skin stability over the kite.
  • The Reactor 18 & 21 both feature a new reduced diameter LE that is developed to be used in conjunction with our 5th line bar. This reduces the overall drag of the kite significantly improving the low wind performance.
  • New wingtip reinforcing and batten insertion system for increased durability.
  • New bladder and LE insertion/closure system for increased bladder durability.

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