From its birthplace 7 years ago on Maui's North shore, Airush has continued to grow with this dynamic sport that reinvents itself every year. Airush now flies in 46 countries with our design team spread out between Australia, Thailand, England, and Hawaii. But the core of what we do hasn't changed: it's still about a team of people who tinker, ride, and rethink every level of the product.

We have approached the 2006 range on two levels. On one level, we micro-engineered the product by paying close attention to the smallest of details. On the next level, we macro-engineered the line by developing and enhancing every aspect of performance as much as possible. And of course, the ultimate mission is to bring something new and different that riders haven't even considered. Finally, we have focused on this without becoming gimmick-driven or losing the core of functionality and performance.

We believe 2006 to be the year of Freeride, where riders are going to see real advantages in the accessibility, mobility, and multi-dimensional performance of kiteboarding.

Ultimately, Freeride encompasses most aspects of the sport, from hunting your local coastline for the perfect point break, to finding a patch of flat glass to throw your favorite move, or even to busting out on your homemade rail. 100% self-gratification and fun!