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We made a considerable breakthrough in kites this year. Kites that sit further back in the window with more pivotal turning characteristic do not need to be grunty pigs that pull your arms off and don't go upwind.

The Flow is ideal for riders who want a predictable kite that is great for learning advanced tricks or simply blasting around and having fun.

For 2006 the flow has a finer foil entry, which makes the kite lighter on the bar and gives far more wind range, as the kite can run further forward in the window. This is especially evident in the larger sizes which, combined with an increase in turning speed, have seen significant development on high-wind ease of use.

The 2006 Flow delivers stability and pivotal turning characteristics at a new level of smoothness and rider comfort.
Size : 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6


Tech Features :

  • Redesigned strut ends for increased bladder durability with auto deflators on ball valves.
  • Redesigned LE Tip construction with oversize dump valve and one-way inflation valve.
  • Heavy-duty bag with extendable section, back pack straps, and board carry/compression straps. Individual pump and bar pockets.
  • Low profile "anti-snag" batten pocket construction with impact resistant LE tip.
  • 5th Line attachment point.
  • Turning speed adjusters with kook-proof line attachments.

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