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Developed specifically by the Airush youth brigade and 12-Year-old KPWT world Champion Gisela, the Airforce defines performance for younger riders through the use of a unique combination of size, rocker, and flex characteristics. All aspects such as footstrap spacing, strap positioning, and fins have been optimized.

Gisela explains some secrets of the shape:
"The plan shape is perfect for aerial tricks and surface passes. The fins remain quite small so that the board can pivot easily. The footstraps are centered and symmetrical so I can put the board on easily and are in a very useful position for 'no-foot' tricks."

Specification :

Model Length Width Fin
Airforce 110 cm 34.5 cm Airush Wake 4.0x4
(complete with appropriate bolts/washers)

Tech Features :

  • Youth specific shape, construction, and components.
  • ABS rail for durability and a fast, clean water release.
  • The three-stage freeride rocker delivers a perfect combination of early planning, upwind performance, and control.
  • Biotech wood core for and incredibly smooth and responsive flex characteristics.
  • Single concave for smoother ride in choppy conditions and stability at speed.

Construction :

Biotech Construction
New for 2006, the Airush Biotech construction is a spin-off from snowboard technology where a vertical wood core sandwich is combined with stepped construction and an ABS rail. Wood cores have long been renowned for their feel and smoothness, so we combined this with a triaxial construction -- ensuring awesome flex, response, and durability. A PPT layer on the bottom and deck enhances the durability without limiting the flex characteristics.

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