Single Board Bags


Durable 600D Polyester board bag to fit a single board. Ideal for general impact and scratch resistance.
  • 5mm foam padding
  • Heavy Duty zipper
  • Padded removable shoulder strap
Kiteboard Bag XS 122 (Max Size 122 x 38)
Kiteboard Bag S 130 (Max Size 130 x 40)
Kiteboard Bag M 142 (Max Size 142 x 41)
Kiteboard Bag L 142 Widebody (Max Size 142 x 50)
Kiteboard bag XL 155 (Max Size 155 x 45)
Kiteboard Bag Directional 5'0"
Kiteboard Bag Directional 6'3"
Kiteboard Bag Wake Single (Max Size 130 x 40)
Traveller Board Bag


Heavy duty 10mm padded board bag developed specifically for traveling or having one bag for all your gear. Will hold up to two boards and four kites (depending on the sizes).
  • Internal board separation layer.
  • Fin and component organizer pouch.
  • Removable wheeled base.
  • Compression straps.
  • Removable padded shoulder strap.
Kitebag Traveller S 130 (Max Size 130 x 40)
Kitebag Traveller M 142 (Max Size 142 x 41)
Kitebag Traveller L 142 Widebody (Max Size 142 x 50)
TPR Carry handle Comppresssion straps Removable wheeled base

Airush Waist Harness

harness_01.jpg The Airush waist harness is ideal for more advanced riders looking for a higher hook position. The contour fit seam shaping, combined with a molded EVA inside skin and back support, work together with neoprene kidney belt to prevent the harness from riding up when the kite is in the overhead position. Webbing hold-down straps prevent the bar ends from riding up into your ribs.

  • Contour fit 3D molded Inside skin and back panel.
  • Internal pre-shaped load distribution plate.
  • Hold down straps to prevent the spreader bar from riding up.
  • Neoprene kidney belt with memory system.
  • Neoprene soft edge.
  • Hold down handle.
Airush Seat Harness

The Airush seat harness is ideal for entry-level kiters and riders who prefer a lower hook position. Contour fit seam shaping combined with 3D molded back support ensures a smooth load distribution and fit onto your body. The internal load plate prevents point load at the webbing inserts.

  • Contour fit 3D molded back support.
  • Contour fit seam shaping.
  • Heavy-duty leg straps.
  • Internal load distribution plate.
  • Hold down handle.
Impact Vest

impact_vest.jpg The lightweight Airush impact vest provides protection and safety with complete freedom of movement. The sleek profile design stays out of the way of your harness allowing you to hook in easily. The vest is an essential piece of safety gear for pros and newbies, providing protection for impacts and added flotation when learning. The impact vest is not a certified life jacket.

Bar bag

These bar bags are designed to allow your bar to dry with ease and full zippered cover quick and easy use. These bar bags are designed to allow your bar to dry with ease and full zippered cover quick and easy use. When you depend on such a piece of equipment as your bar, don't hesitate to take care of it and reduce the UV radiation.

Airush Mono Swivel Harness Line

mono_swivel.jpg Attached by one Velcro closure and positioned in the center of the kite bar, the swivel version allows a rider to untwist their fly lines while remaining hooked into the harness. Unlike other swivel lines, the Airush Swivel always locks in place after turning for easy hook-ins. This harness line is for advanced riders only that do not use a wrist leash. It is not compatible with all safety systems.

Lengths: 13.25", 14.25", 15.25"

Harness Lines

Airush Standard Harness Line is attached by two Velcro closures to the kite bar. It is most commonly used with a Depower loop, but it works well on all bar setups and systems. Short Velcro closures to accommodate the smaller diameter kite bars.

Lengths: 20", 22", 24", 26"

Kite Weight Bag

kite_weight_bag.jpg Made with a simple but strong Velcro closer to allow the removal or replacement of sand or rocks for weight; handles at each and make carrying a snatch. Can be easily weighted for self launching of any kite. Made from Very Tough rubberized raft type material for long life and durability.

Air Sock

If you have trouble figuring out where the wind is coming from or how strong it is blowing, then we'd suggest getting an Air Sock. Available in many colors to match your kite. air_sock.jpg

Lycra T-shirt / Air Shirt

shirt.jpg The Airush lycra features ergonomically positioned panels for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Ideal for sun protection when not using a wetsuit or rash protection when used with a wetsuit. The Air Shirt offers new school protection from the sun, while the 100% polyester quick dry fabric limits wind chill when wet.

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