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Product Overview
Airush's best selling line from 2005, the X-Pact '06 has been completely redesigned to meet the demands of intermediate to advanced riders who want a bombproof board. The new concave bottom has increased the stability of the X-Pact, increasing its appeal to a wider rider group. In addition to this, the new bottom shape translates into more pop, edging, and softer landings.

Specification :

Model Length Width Fin
X-Pact 135 135cm 39cm Airush Metro 5.0x4
X-Pact 127 127cm 38cm Airush Metro 5.0x4
X-Pact 122 122cm 37cm Airush Metro 4.0x4
(complete with appropriate bolts/washers)

Tech Features :

  • ABS rail for durability and a fast, clean water release.
  • 3 stage "competition" rocker for speed and early planing.
  • The combination of UD and Biaxial laminates in our X-Link construction ensures a refined combination of flex, durability, and response.
  • By combining a single concave bottom (New for '06) and our legendary 3 stage rocker, the '06 X-Pact offers more stability at higher speeds and smoothness in chop.
  • A relatively parallel outline with intermediate width tips offers a good combination of edging, stability at higher speeds, and pop.
  • The wake series fins offer a combination of good tracking while being forgiving in the turns.

Construction :

X-Link ABS Construction
Our unique X-Link ABS Construction combines the perfect flex and strength characteristics of our X-Link PVC core -- with a virtually indestructible ABS rail. The ABS section is inset into the laminate and forms a "grindable" rail that can withstand significantly more abuse than a wrapped rail construction. This construction uses a combination of unidirectional and biaxial cloth and asymmetrical wood reinforcing in the high impact heel area.

A PPT layer on the bottom enhances the durability without limiting the flex characteristics.

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