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The sidewinder redefines the stubby/mutant board style, featuring brilliant upwind drive and enormous power range. The combination of the single concave bottom, larger back fins, and custom rails ensures a smooth carving oriented board with huge boosting capabilities.

Specification :

Model Length Width Fin
Sidewinder 128cm 38cm Airush Luengo 80x2/Airush Metro 50x2
(complete with appropriate bolts/washers)

Tech Features :

  • Being more directionally oriented, the sidewinder offers more fin stability and directional drive.
  • Due to its Mutant design, the Sidewinder can be ridden without needing to "Gybe" or standing switch-stance.
  • Rounded custom rails that do not catch when turning, for a forgiving ride.
  • The sidewinder features a unique, 3-stage, asymmetrical rocker line.
  • The combination of UD and Biaxial laminates in our X-Link construction ensures a refined combination of flex, durability, and response.
  • Single concave bottom for early planing and a smooth ride in chop.
  • 8 cm Luengo fins on the back for grip and stability in the bottom turn. 5 cm Metro fins in the nose for grip when riding out or in Switch mode.

Construction :

X-Link LT Construction
Our premium construction combines perfect flex and a bombproof construction with our X-Link PVC core. Boards featuring our X-Link LT construction use a combination of the high density core, unidirectional and biaxial cloth, and wood reinforcing in the high impact heel areas. A full top and bottom rail wrap allows for a soft, hand-shaped rail ensuring the board is more forgiving and stable to ride.

A PPT layer on the bottom enhances the durability without limiting the flex characteristics.

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