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Product Overview
The Airush Hammer was developed from a traditional twintip concept where the design team worked to enhance the wave riding capabilities radically -- without loosing the ease of use of a Twintip design. Although originally conceived to be a dedicated wave riding twintip, the Hammer also proved to be a huge stand out in very choppy conditions.

Specification :

Model Length Width Fin
Hammer 138cm 38.5cm Code 60x4
(complete with appropriate bolts/washers)

Tech Features :

  • Tucked Surf Rails through the center of the board allow a positive driving bottom turn. A hard edge through the last of the board maintains speed and bite when coming off the top.
  • Three stage "Wave" rocker with slightly increased rocker in the tip area for clearance and increased turning.
  • A significantly narrower tail with more curve in the rear section of the outline is combined with reduced thickness and increased flex in this section. The result is maximum snap when coming off the top.
  • Double V Concave into Spiral V - This bottom shape was developed with two outcomes in mind: First, enhance the directional stability of the board without the need for massive fins. And second, give a positive drive when rolling the board over from the heel edge to the toe edge when initiating a turn.
  • Compared to a medium size freestyle board, the Hammer has increased water line length and a slightly narrower width to enhance stability on the wave.
  • The new Code fin provides maximum grip for waveriding and design to limit the front catching.

Construction :

X-Link LT Construction
Our premium construction combines perfect flex and a bombproof construction with our X-Link PVC core. Boards featuring our X-Link LT construction use a combination of high density core, unidirectional and biaxial cloth, and wood reinforcing in the high impact heel areas. A full top and bottom rail wrap allows for a soft, hand shaped rail, ensuring the board is more forgiving and stable to ride.

A PPT layer on the bottom enhances the durability without limiting the flex characteristics.

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