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The 6'2 Converse is a completely new concept in crossover. The 6'2 combines light wind kiting (strapped or strapless) with a small to medium wave surfboard. Developed specifically to replace your light wind kite board in your quiver and give you the freedom to have one board for traveling - surfing and kiting.

Specification :

Model Length Width Fin
Converse 6"2" 189.5(6'2") 47.5(18 3/4") FCS GYUx3
(complete with appropriate bolts/washers)

Tech Features :

  • "On the fly" foot strap screw option, so that straps can be removed on the beach. Standard foot strap screws included.
  • Tucked surf rails based on small to medium wave surf requirements.
  • Developed with our crossover surf riders, the Converse 6'2 features a classic all-round surf rocker oriented towards smaller wave surfing and light wind kiting.
  • A Biaxial lay-up ensures flex characteristics similar to a polyester surfboard.
  • Single concave bottom for early planing, control, and a smooth ride in chop.
  • A dedicated small to medium wave Surfboard outline. This works together with all the other aspects of the Converse 6'3" design for perfect waveriding in light to medium wind conditions.
  • FCS fins with PVC reinforced inserts.

Construction :

Flytech Construction
The Flytech construction is most suitable for high-volume kiteboards due to its low density and, therefore, low core weight. The lightweight core is combined with unidirectional and standard glass. This ensures that the boards remain as light as possible and still survive the abuse.

The Flytech construction allows us to feature a tucked rail shape, which is more forgiving and ideal for entry-level and surf oriented products.

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