Gisela Unhooked
Location: Tarifa
Aerial Assault DVD Trailer.
Size: 3.9MB
Tricks: Multi Tricks.
Highlight: Cliff jumping.
Rider: Dimitri Maramenides and friends.
Location: Multi locations.Click here for more info
clear.gif Gisela Video
360 handle pass
Board: X-Pact 127
Kite: Reactor 12
Location: Tarifa
Multi tricks
Board: X-Pact 12
Kite: Reactor 12, Lift 16
Location:Puerto Rico & Cape Hatteras
Multi tricks
Board: Protoy 119
Kite: Pilot 12
Location: Cape Hatteras "Kite Point"
Shoulder Breaker
Trick: Multi tricks
Board: X-Pact 122
Kite: Reactor 12
Location: Greece (Island of Paros)
Videographers: Mark Jorrens
Oahu Wave session
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